Torsion springs

Torsion springs in stainless steel or carbon steel

Overview & Beneficial features of Torsion Springs of ZenaTech :

ZenaTech is the most trusted and affordable resource for buying your favorite Torsion Springs. This is for the reason that we not only provide our customers with performance-focused products. We also offer them at the most competitive prices that will fit well within their planned budget. Moreover, buying your torsion springs with us is quite easy and fast. All you need is to tell us your specifications and budget and we will take care of the rest.  Our major goal is to offer you an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience so that you can get your springs easily, quickly, and affordably.

ZenaTech is an ISO9001, TS16949 certified company in China, which is devoted to offering high-quality torsion springs at the most reasonable prices. As an innovator in the industry, we are renowned for our fast-turn, low-price custom metal as well as plastic parts in China


At ZenaTech, we build torsion springs perfectly to make them quite useful and reliable to use in exerting a rotational force or torque. Their legs are radially impulsed to generate a perfect twisting or winding effect. You can use our high-quality springs confidently and reliably in several applications that need them to deflect radially. You can use our springs to produce torque or hoard rotational energy in an assembly construction, as well.

Our China-based manufacturing company is renowned for delivering Springs quicker than any other company in our province delivers. This is for the reason that we have enough stock of all standard springs and they are delivered to our customers as quickly as possible once they place their orders.



We always take maximum care while making our  springs such that there should not be too little or too much gap between the spring body and the mandrel. Thus, our  springs are capable of protecting the spring body from collapse as well as from locking the spring body onto the mandrel while loaded. Our springs are designed in such a way that they can be loaded easily in the direction to allow the spring body to close. You have the liberty to choose left or right wound springs so that you will be capable of mounting them in pairs on a mandrel. Moreover, all our standard torsion springs come with either left or right coiled, as well.

At ZenaTech, we make our torsion springs from stainless steel and Music Wire, each has its own design and features. When you choose our  springs that are made of music wire, they will come with three dissimilar leg positions. On the other hand, springs that are made out of stainless steel will normally have four dissimilar leg positions. As we have torsion springs with hundreds of dissimilar sizes, you can choose one that will best suit your specifications and applications.




Due to the way the springs are used, you may be capable of finding our torsion springs quite useful in door hinges, lids, hatches, or even trailer ramps. We are also capable of offering heavy-duty torsion springs according to the nature of your applications at the best prices.


Call ZenaTech whenever you need the right torsion springs for the right application at the right cost.