Metal Bracket

Metal Bracket in stainless steel or powder coated steel

1. Overview for metal bracket:

ZenaTech was incorporated in 1990 and since then, our company has been committed to offering high-quality metal bracket at a price that suits the planned budget of every class of customers in and around China. Nowadays, our firm is celebrated as a leading company not only in the Chinese market but also in the global market for supplying the highest quality, most durable, and performance-focused metal bracket.

We are the leading manufacturer as well as exporter of high-quality metal bracket in China, offering them at the most affordable prices. With a vast experience of 30  years in the industry as well as great expertise, we are capable of manufacturing an extended range of metal bracket that include:

  • Industrial bearing brackets
  • Bottom brackets
  • Top brackets
  • Handrail brackets
  • TV brackets
  • Shelf brackets
  • Stamping brackets
  • LCD brackets

At ZenaTech, we manufacture all styles and sizes of metal bracket that will best suit the most demanding applications of all types of industries. Our brackets are renowned for their greatest strength, highest quality, and durability, which make then the most preferred industrial accessories amid many leading companies not only in China but also in the entire world.



Metal Bracket storage

We are celebrated for manufacturing and delivering heavy-duty industrial  bracket  to work well with any application. A shelf bracket is a throwback to the period when products were over-engineered and made to last. The hand-fabricated brackets of ZenaTech are made from high quality, hot rolled mild steel to offer them the required strength and toughness. This means that they are perfectly designed to sustain huge amounts of weight without gusset or brace. This shape of our brackets offers no intrusion or obstruction to the shelf below, thus they are capable of minimizing the aesthetic and maximizing space.

Our love of older style steel industrial equipment and structures is shown in the design of our metal bracket. At our manufacturing firm, we always aim to design our bracket that would never be out of position on a turn of the steel girder bridge or century railroad. Moreover, all styles and models of our brackets are tested with the maximum static weight to offer the best performance. We have gained reputation with excellent customer services.

We at ZenaTech, produce different sizes of  bracket, but the most commonly used ones are those to suit shelf depths of 300mm, 250mm, and 190mm. We also offer them in a variety of finishes according to the needs of our customers. We are also prepared to make custom metal bracket that will best suit the style, taste and perference of our customers. If you are seraching for the best quality and cost-effective metal backet for a wide range of application, ZenTech Inc. is second to none. We can beat any price to exceed our customer needs.

If you need your shelf to be capable of taking a huge amount of weight and you would like to be confident that your bracket is not going to fail, then you can consider using one of the high-quality and tough bracket offered by ZenaTech. We are always committed to transporting our products as quickly and safely as possible after the receipt of your orders. If the delivery time is vital to your project, you can get in touch with us before ordering your much-required metal bracket. We will always dedicate to doing our best to meet your requirements.

Find top quality angles and industrial metal brackets  at ZenaTech today. Shop a variety of metal industrial brackets and custom products at Please contact us in if you need any metal bracket.