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Know the different types of machining parts offered by ZenaTech

ZenaTech is one of the leading manufacturers of all types of machining accessories in China. Our machining parts are precious components that you can use with reliability and confidence as replacement parts of your heavy machines. Whatever component of your machines becomes faulty, we have a suitable substitute for it to make your equipment function properly within no time.

All the machining components of ZenaTech are renowned for their highest performance and durability, meaning they will make your machine offer the best performance for many years. Usually, even the most renowned branded machines may break down due to its faulty component because of overuse, or wear out over the years. However, when you choose our machining parts, you do not need to replace them frequently, thus, you will be capable of saving much of your maintenance costs.

Our advantage of custom machining parts:

  • Design tooling in own factory
  • Make tooling in own factory
  • Experience from 1990.
  • TS16949/ ISO9001 Certificated
  • >90 Staff, > 10 Engineer
  • Two Factory 4000 Square Meter
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Custom Machining Part @ Zenatc

Machining Parts

Custom Machining Parts @ Zenatc

Almost all industrial sectors, whether they are large or small, whether they are construction, technology, transportation, automation, manufacturing, or healthcare, they need machinery to work in a stress-free way for better output. As each of your machines needs proper maintenance and care at regular intervals, it is important to keep spare parts of the necessary components to avoid a major break down of your machine. In such cases, when you use our machining parts to replace the faulty ones, it will aid you considerably in keeping yourself away from major machine failures. This, in turn, will never affect the productivity of your business.

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At ZenaTech, we have been offering a huge range of high quality and durable machining parts at the best prices to all sizes of businesses since 1990. Among them, the most commonly used ones include:

Chuck: You can use our chuck to grip a cylindrical object effectively, irrespective of its weight. This is because our chunks are renowned for their strong construction, making them hold even the heaviest objects effectively.

Ejector Pins: Ejector pins are devices, which you can use for injection molding applications. Our Ejector pins are designed to apply little effort to eject a component from the mold effectively, without leaving any stains on the mold.

Drill Beat Sharpener: The drill beat sharpeners offered by ZenaTech will not only hone a dull drill bit easily. They are also designed to offer you the option of an additional chisel point on the drill bit, rendering it quicker to penetrate and less probable to lose the mark on your drilling material.

Wrecking Bar: If you want to pry objects separately and to take the nails away easily and quickly, then you can consider using our wrecking bar. Our wrecking bars are being used in an extensive range of applications because of their simple-to-use feature.

ZenaTech offers hard to find machining parts for your machine tools all under a single roof. You will be capable of completing your lost machine parts with our CNC accessories, Lathe Accessories, Chucks, Twin Heads, drilling accessories, and milling accessories. Our China-based manufacturing company is a simplified, completely stocked leading destination for buying machining parts online in China.

Get on the ZenaTech portal now and start buying your required machining parts online at the most affordable prices.